A Nerd Review’s We Happy Few

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Are you craving a new game? perhaps looking for a Fallout style game, mixed with a dash of No One Lives Forever and a sprinkle of Bioshock. Well look no further and take a gander at We Happy Few. Set in an alternate 1960’s England, you’re thrust into the lives of 3 people who are trying to escape Wellington Wells.

Created by Compulsion Games who also made Contrast, they set about making a world filled with paranoia which is aided by the use of a hallucinogenic drug known as Joy which keeps its users blissfully unaware of their past and issues. Those that are not taking Joy are known as downers and this is frowned upon and those people are ejected from the town and sent to the outskirts where dilapidated buildings litter the landscape.

You start your adventure as Arthur, who is working as a government censorship clerk. Arthur is in the middle of the 3 characters you can play as. He can run quite far, he can use the chemistry table as well as the work bench. You then progress to controlling Sally, who is rather petite and is unable to use the work bench and as such is unable to craft complex tools or clothing as well as weapons. She is however a master chemist and can craft items the other 2 characters are unable to make. Finally you will get to play as Ollie who is an army vet, he’s the opposite to sally in that he is a master at the work bench and make many weapons and gadgets the other 2 can’t make, but is rubbish in the chemistry area and can only craft the basic medical supplies.

Pushing away a doctor trying to inject the player with Joy


So here is the meat of the review, some will be wondering if this is the right game for them and all i can say as my honest opinion is give it a try. While the creators are not AAA they have put a lot of time and effort into making this game. It’s still rough around the edges and has many bugs and issues as well as frame rate drops but it’s a great story.

There are 2 quests that really stand out to me so far and they are during the Arthur campaign. The citizens of Wellington Wells enjoy playing Simon Says. For those that don’t know that game, basically the host will ask you to do certain tasks, like jump on one leg or spin in a circle but they have to say “Simon says” if you jump on one leg and they didn’t say that then you lose and are out of the game.

Anyway this one quest requires you to get the host from his house and he accidentally electrocuted himself. So you must wear his face mask and his suit which is very similar to Austin Power’s suit from the films. When you get to the church you take on the role of host and have to try to trick the contestants to fail the game. During which Arthur says some really funny lines.

Watch out for the Bobby’s

The second quest that really made me laugh was at a butcher’s shop. Once you do a few quests for him he will ask if you want to become his apprentice. At which point when saying yes you will be knocked out and wake up in a house and are tasked with cleaning his “meat” machines. After doing so you’re asked to pick up the corpse looking black bag and attach it to each machine to get the “meat” nice and juicy and then pack it in boxes while also be electrocuted.

The game suffers from the occasional frame rate drop, i noticed this on Xbox as well as a mid range PC. In the populated areas of the town i was going down to 45fps while in the open areas i was getting an easy 60-80fps. Don’t let this put you off though, while the graphics are not next-gen, the story and atmosphere of the game is what sets this game apart.

In conclusion I’ll give this game an 8/10 because I enjoyed the story of what I’ve seen so far. While the game needs some improvements, I’m sure these will be added over time. The game can be bought for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and at the time of writing the price was £30-£40 which isn’t a badly priced game for 30ish hours of game play depending on if you explore.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the game if you decide to get it.

Sonic out.



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