R2D2 Collection…

Hey friends,

So i wanted to do an overall run down of all my r2d2 items but i realised i had so many and i didn’t have the time, patience or well motivation to do it. So what i did do, is spend 3 hours taking photos and uploading them here with a little caption about each one. I have lost count of the overall amount, this only includes the things that are in my house, or room, not the things i have at work or the car. I also have a few tshirts missing from this collection, as well as a Lego R2D2 set, that is on its way. (oh by the way have you joined our discord yet?! here) we also have a merch store Here!

So, i present to you (in no particular order) the collection as of September 2018. Enjoy!!

The bedroom collection…
My beloved tattoo. “you r2 cute”. ehe.
says what it does on the tin.
R2D2 operation.. ehehe.
My number 1 possession. He’s a voice activated droid! i’ll insert a video down the bottom!
This is the spot where the light normally hangs, but i lost a screw.
Key rings!
so i actually have one of these on the go already, but it’s fecking hard and it makes me so so angry. so this one is the packaging and the other one is hidden away somewhere..
left to right…miniature star wars character projector, egg cup, usb stick & money box.
allllll the plushies.
my first r2 tshirt.
A cushion cover!
Soooo, this is how they all look normally. well most.
A gift bag… i just had to keep it.
The first jumper…
Cup, Bowl, Mug!
more r2
wew, okay. Left to right. Mug (from my friends in Florida!), A funko, A keyboard hoover & a bop it at the front!
Two plushies! One key ring talking plush & one movable Disney plush.
R2D2 cookie jar!
Cardboard 'build your own'
This fecker took me ages to build because it was almost impossible to fit together and i actually had to make “edits”. He’s very dusty.

Below are some videos, this includes a cute little touch light i have. Enjoy!

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