Life Is Strange 2 EP1- a review.

Spoilers lie within!!!!

Hey friends!

I was a big fan of Life is Strange the first time round. I was hooked on decision making and weighing up the pros & cons. In fact the game effected me so much, I questioned whether or not I was capable to make decisions for myself & instead flipped a coin for a while.

But anyway, I have been excited to have a look at the follow up. (Also captain spirit was wicked). I pre ordered it and finished the first episode in one long hit. I don’t wanna give TOO much away, but I’ll discuss the story and how I felt about it.

This game follows the story of two brothers who unfortunately lose their dad to a police shoot out involving some pretty weird situations. The older brother (Sean) takes his brother into hiding & running from friends & the law. He tries to protect his brother by not telling him the truth about the situation. Etc etc. The first episode pretty much just surrounds their survival on the run, making camp fires in a picnic spot, sparing out snacks. Your choices in the first few parts are kinda boring, but I chose to be the good guy.

It comes to a part where you’re at a gas station, there’s loads of camping gear & food. You’ll meet a Seth Rogen-esque online journalist whilst in the store, he’s super cool. You have the choice to steal, but either way, the male owner of the store will chase you up later when you’re outside and end up kidnapping you. Luckily with the help of your brother you’re able to escape and then you have my favourite choice… to knock out the old man and steal his shit or just run. Well duh I knocked him out.

Luckily whilst you’re sprinting through the trees you will come across the kind journalist who takes you in and drives you to safety. He knows who you are and will give you money, a back pack & check you into the hotel for the night. Turns out your brother stole the puppy from the store too, so guess what, ya got a daaaawg. Whilst inside the hotel you have the chance to check your phone and you have the option to call your best friend back or ignore her. I chose to ignore the outside world in all of this play through, I felt like making contact would make me look guilty? It ends very dramatically with your brother having an episode of craziness and you having to explain about your dad.

This was kinda a shit explanation of the game, but I really don’t wanna give too much away, you really have to play it to experience it.

Overall I give the first episode of this game 8/10. I invested so many feelings and emotions into the characters of LIS, I just don’t have that connection to these guys yet. I need to get to know them more and help them figure themselves out before I give it a higher rating. The choices are as difficult as the first game, they make you do a bit of soul searching before you make a final decision. I always struggle with the consequences of my choices, sometimes I will load a previous save because I feel so bogged down with guilt.. 🙄 The story itself started off very full on and interesting, it had me crying, laughing & anxious all in one play through. I am so excited for episode 2 and to help the boys navigate their way through this disaster.

I hope you enjoyed this review you didn’t need but got anyway!

Starshiptrooper x


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