Horror Movie Showdown!

Hullo friends!

Incase you don’t know me, I’m a HUGE horror movie fan. Anything from badly made 70s horror all the way up to modern day. (Although the older the better.) If it’s movie night and down to me to choose, you can guarantee I’ll pick a horror.

So I thought I’d do a post on a few horror movies, the ones I enjoyed & the ones I hated! I may do one on my top 10 horrors in the future but there’s still a lot of horror films in my list to work through before I make a decision.

So let’s get stuck in.

Below contains possible spoilers or plot twists from movies, if you see anything that ruins it for you, I’m sorry!

The Loves

I wanna start with film franchises instead of individuals.

  • The Re-animator series
  • Friday 13th series
  • Evil Dead series
  • The Chucky franchise.
  • Texas chainsaw massacre/leather face franchise.
  • The Hannibal Lecture franchise.

Films I enjoyed!

  • The Shining – Jack Nicholson in this film is a dream. I love this movie & all the little Easter eggs along the way. It’s one of my favourite King books and is a treat to see it visually.
  • Get out – you don’t need me to tell you how brilliant this film was! Watch it for yourself, an absolutely cracker to keep you in the edge of your seat at all times. Massive plot twist in the middle. Love the originality involved in the story & Kaluuya plays his character fantastically.
  • Nightmare on Elm Street – Young Johnny Depp. Need I say more?
  • Suspiria (original) – I have no reasons why I enjoy this film so much, I just do. It has very artistic levels about it and I really enjoy how over dramatic and forceful the colours are.

  • Night of the living dead (original) – “they’re coming to get your barbaraaaa” is my most used no context phrase. I can’t get enough of saying it. A beautifully shot and brilliantly awful movie. The first zombie film I watchers and genuinely agrees the zombies looked pass-able as zombies. I don’t wanna get too deep but the ending has a very theories floating around online. Possible racist zones? But either way, I tell ya how pissed I was to make it all the way through with Ben just for him to get shot to pieces. I haven’t listed all of my Romero movie favourites just chose my favourite. He was my favourite film maker & I love so much of his work. (Until we reach the later years… see my disappointed list).
  • The Crazies (original & remake) – They’re both brilliant in their own ways. I’d like to say they have a good story line, which I believed before I’d watched it 49574 times and ruined it for myself. Some pretty good gore scenes in both also.
  • IT (original & remake) – I know the new one has been slated, and I agree it wasn’t scary or very exciting. However, the film it’s self I love. The artistic cinematography & story line were great! I love the new Penny wise and even did a female throw on him for Halloween (which you can see: Here). Of course the best and most excellent part of the entire film was how bloody awesome the child actors were. They completely made this film for me. I’m excited for part 2!
  • The town that dread sundown (original and remake) – Classic bad guy horror movie. Love the typical American feel to it with the drive in movies & the “rendezvous” spots to make out. Easy to watch and keeps you on your toes! Also the trumpet scene is one of my favourite death scenes ever.
    • Creepshow – Just a very easy to watch interesting selection of short movies to play in the background at parties or gatherings. If you’re like me.

    • Psycho – Doesn’t everyone love this!!?
    • Hush- It’s a very different film, a deaf woman living in the woods is stalked and attacked by a masked killer. My favourite part is that there is roughly less than 15 minutes of dialogue in 87 minutes of movie. It’s very enjoyable and out of the box.

    The disappointments (here you’ll find a very large enough if the modern day horrors…)

    • the Babadook – everything about this movie seemed the be heading in a bearable direction. I didn’t mind, annoying weird little child being a little douche. Blah blah blah. But the thing that ruined the entire thing for me? The fact she keeps the “demon” as a pet in the cellar and feeds it. 😭
    • Paranormal activity (all) – predictable jump scares, obvious plots & all round bad acting.
    • The Conjuring – I wanted to jump on the band wagon with these films, I really tried. I wonder whether I’ve just seen too many horror films/real life mysterious that I can smell the predictability in these films. The story was enjoyable, but the jump scares and predictability of the plot threw me off.
    • The Boy – I wanted to like it, what couldn’t you like about Maggie from the walking dead in a movie? But oh my god. What a fecking terrible movie. It’s actually laughable. Plus also, fuck dolls man.
    • Annabelle – follow up on what I said with the conjuring. These two are hand in hand. Besides, I also hate dolls.
    • A cure for wellness – I just didn’t understand what the feck was happening at any point in this movie…. that’s why I hate it. For me it was messy, too back and forth and trying to connect the dots. Not enough gore or jumping, too much thinking.
    • ANY ZOMBIE FILM THAT INCLUDES FAST ZOMBIES OR ZOMBIES WITH LEVELS OF INTELLIGENCE, INCLUDING USING WEAPONS – This is my biggest horror movie peeve. I don’t wanna go on my zombie rant right now but can I remind you, a zombie is normally rotten as fuck with very very very limited brain power from the virus, they would not expel enough brain cells to message the legs to tell them to run. Also did I mention they’re ROTTING.

    Alright I think that’s enough of my rambles, once I’m able to get onto a desktop instead of my phone id like to do a much more detailed list of horror films & my top 10. But I’m afraid for now you get what you’re given. Say thank you.

    Lots of love


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