Who the…

Hello friends!

So you’ve read our ramblings and opinions but probably have no idea who we are… well we wrote a little bit about us & answer some burningly important questions… ahem. A little background about the becoming of this group of awkward human creatures: We met originally in a discord server where we formed a great bond. After a Great War, we disbanded that server and that’s when The Nerd’s Watch was born! We wanted to bring a community feel to the discord server and love the wonderful members we have in there. We decided to branch out our creative fingers to give blogging/reviewing a go as well as our mechanise and Facebook. (You can find the links to all our pages below)

So settle down, and read all about us!

Marc aka Sonicfusion2k

Gamer, geek and nerd. Don’t come to me for advice as you’ll just get a sarcastic comment.

  • Favourite drink: Banana Milkshake
  • Favourite object I own: Xbox one X
  • My favourite activity: Gaming
  • My favourite video game story: system shock 2
  • My favourite movie character: John McClane.


I’m Charlotte, I’m a part time adult & a full time nerd. Mother of chickens & rabbits, lover of horror movies. I like to drink my alcohol with a straw (a bamboo one mind).

  • My favourite drink: Gin lemonade mixer.
  • My favourite object I own: My dinosaur tattoos..(does that count?)
  • My favourite activity: Playing video games.
  • My favourite video game story: The Witcher 3.
  • My favourite movie character: R2D2!


I’m Lucy. I love reading, gaming, movies, the sea, paddle boarding, walking and skiing. I also love Bruce Springsteen.

  • My favourite drink: tea
  • My favourite object I own: my books. All of them.
  • My favourite activity: I hate to choose but I have to pick skiing over everything else
  • My favourite video game story: Bioshock
  • My favourite movie character: Princess Leia


I’m awkward, sarcastic and weird all rolled into a weird, awkward body.

  • Favourite drink: red wine
  • Favourite object I own: A native American sand drawing.
  • My favourite activity: gaming
  • My favourite video game story: now RDR2
  • My favourite movie character: Jareth from labyrinth.
  • Baloo, aka James.

I’m a Christian, gamer, and a musician. I love food, sports, films, and am frequently described as old before my time.

  • Favourite drink: Single malt Scotch whisky
  • Favourite object I own: Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum
  • Favourite activity: Making music with friends
  • Favourite video game story: Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Favourite movie character: Han Solo

Ethan also known as Conflumnus.

I’m a giant ball of anxiety and weirdness all wrapped in a proud scotsman and Chinese person. Oh yeah i love games and films 😛

  • Favourite drink : honestly ice cold water
  • Favourite object I own : either my PC or Dragon age concept art book
  • Favourite activity : walks or gaming
  • Favourite video game story : dragon age origins
  • Favourite movie character : legolas from LOTR.

Quin. Or Mark.

Socially backwards, hater of people, and a dark humour which has yet to reach a limit – and those are my good points. Mentally somewhere between 12 and 80.

  • Favourite drink: Brandy
  • Favourite object I own: crystal decanter
  • Favourite activity: gaming
  • Favourite video game story: Legacy of Kain series
  • Favourite movie character: Dracula

Well I think that covers the basics about us. What would you guys like to know?

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