YOU – an opinion.

Things I learnt from watching this: Always buy fecking curtains.

Anyway, this article contains spoilers, approach with caution!

The Netflix series YOU, follows the story of an attractive book store clerk & a pretty ambitious writer (who really… isn’t that ambitious?). This is also a book, which the series is based on. I’ve just finished binge watching it (after binge watching Haunting of Hill House, bit of a change!) & wanted to puke some words onto paper to try and sum up my adventure with Joe & Beck.

A little bit about YOU if you haven’t seen it but wanna know all about it; (ayyyyyye)

Joe (the book store hunk) decides that during one conversation with Beck (the writer woman), that she was the woman for him & nothing was going to get in the way of that. Thanks to the powers of social media he managed to track down her address, hang out spots & everything else in between. He begins stalking. Hanging out side her flat and watching her through windows. Now Beck lives on a ground floor flat on a relatively busy street, she has huge glass windows all along the front of her flat and no curtains. She happily strips, dresses & has sex by these windows. To me it seemed she was just completely oblivious to the fact there’s a world outside her window. During one stalk session Joe sees a douchebag big dick energy hipster rock up to Beck’s flat. He watches them do the deed through the window, to which he tugs his meat. After this he realises that Benji big dick energy is a threat to the dream of being with Beck. (He still hasn’t even had another conversation with her yet…). Joe continues to very obviously and badly stalk Beck, saving her life when she falls on the train track. He gets an Uber back to her flat with her, where douchebag Benji is waiting, they’re introduced and Beck leaves to bang him. Joe is obviously not impressed.

Stalking through Becks Facebook Joe comes across Benji and arranged some suitably dodgy business deal. Now I mean I honestly don’t understand how 1: Benji claims this guy he’s meeting is a big business bloke but has no idea what he looks like. 2: Doesn’t recognise Joe as the man he met the night before. No matter how smacked up he was. Anyway; Joe then clobbers Benji round the head with a mallet and stores him in the basement of the book store, where handily there is a glass cage for keeping rare books safe. Okay now I’m tired of explaining the show & I know I’m gonna miss out key bits so let’s just skip through. Or go and watch the darn thing.

  • Joe murders Benji for insulting Beck.
  • Beck & Joe begin to date.
  • Joe lasts 8 seconds during sex.
  • Becks best friend doesn’t like Joe.
  • Joe still stalks Beck.
  • Beck is literally a prat and doesn’t notice anything.
  • Joe gets fed up with Becks friend Peaches.
  • Joe steals Peaches laptop.
  • Joe stalks Peaches and smashes her round the head with a rock.
  • Peaches survives.
  • Peaches takes Beck away to a family home in the middle of no where.
  • Joe stalks them, pisses in a jar and forgets it.
  • Joe shoots and kills Peaches.
  • Beck & Joe are good.
  • Beck fucks her therapist.
  • Joe stalks her therapist & goes along as a “made up” man.
  • Joe dates someone else.
  • Beck gets jealous.
  • Joe dumps woman and gets back with Beck.
  • Beck stalks Joe about his ex girlfriend.
  • Turns out Joe killed the man his ex was shagging behind his back.
  • Joe mugs therapist and finds evidence on his phone he’s been banging Beck.
  • Joe confronts Beck.
  • Beck tells Joe she loves him.
  • Joe goes out.
  • Beck goes into the roof to find a box of mementos of all the people Joe has killed.
  • Beck drops box of teeth.
  • Joe returns.
  • Joe find out.
  • Joe hits Beck and puts her in the box in the basement.
  • Beck pretends to care for Joe and types up a book all about how they can blame everything on the therapist & make him seem the killer.
  • Beck escapes.
  • Joe kills Beck.
  • Joe also kills weird drunk neighbour.
  • Joe publishes Becks story about the therapist.
  • Therapist arrested.
  • Joes “dead” ex appears in the bookstore.


Dr Nicky, the framed therapist.

But anyway now I wanted to talk about my thoughts and feels. First of, it is completely messed up the way Joe is & everything he does. But the way it’s filmed you kinda root for him? Peaches & Benji come across as such pretentious bellends you kinda hope Joe gets rid of them.

Second of all; how is Beck so oblivious? Girl get some curtains!! How do you not notice your boyfriend standing everywhere you go with a baseball cap on??? Like what.

I really enjoyed the show, it was so so so predictable what would happen next, but it was still really enjoyable to watch it play out. The acting is fantastic, the story line is predictable but really good.

It has all the strengths of a romantic drama whilst crossing slowly into the horror & thriller genre classily & sexily. It has all the poetic and beautiful elements of a love story, but adds an amazing twist of darkness. If you take anything away from this, make sure your social media is private guys… please 😂

I did think the whole town was just completely stupid to not notice anything weird, the guy who works with Joe didn’t think “hmmm the fact he keeps the basement locked is weird”. Or the fact the rotting body would of stunk, but no one smelt it from the basement? Annoyingly you don’t want Joe to get caught, because you kinda are on his team, but you know he’s just gonna murder Beck if he doesn’t get caught. I in no way indorse stalking people or murdering, lets put that disclaimer out there.

I was anxious as hell when the police officer called and questioned “Mooney” on the car. Joe’s quick thinking gets him out of a lot of situations, I’m surprise he can bullshit for so long! I did enjoy Paco’s slow involvement with the horror that was unraveling, the fact he was face to face with Beck screaming for help and pleading for her life, and he happily walked away. This was after Ron is killed so Paco sees Joe as his protector, knowing if Joe was arrested he would easily put Paco at the scene of Ron. But can we rewind? How is Joe getting away with these murders? He isn’t exactly a skilled serial killer & is very clumsy and messy. I mean did no one in Benji’s soda empire wonder wtf he was?!

The books featured in the show do reflect slightly on Joe, such as how he speaks of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” and how the monster itself is not the monster. Which for me was Joe kinda convincing himself, he’s not the bad guy here. (Yes you are Joe…) I’ve read other articles about his reflection in the Ozma of Oz but it’s not a book I’ve read (yet), so I cant comment on this. It speaks of a lot of foreshadowing regarding the story of Ozma of Oz. Given everything I have read about the connections, I am desperate to pick up a copy!

I wish I could explain the visions he has of Candace in a brain exploding tah-da kind of way, but I can’t. I just believe as far as he is aware he had disposed of her & the visions were there as a conscious reminder after he hit his head.

All in all I give this 8/10 Starships, It would of been more if it wasn’t so predictable. But the ending has excited me to find out more…. hurry up season 2!

What were your thoughts & feelings? I don’t wanna go all conspiracy theory, it takes the enjoyment out of immersing yourself into the story. Try not to think too hard about it, because you’ll split hairs.

Much love as always;

Starship x

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