Stranger Things season 3 – spoilers

Disclamer: Holy shiiiiit, please be warned this post contains nothing but spoilers from the entire season.

Continue to read at your own risk!

Season 3, holy mindflayer.

You bet I binge watched episode 1-8 in one go!

You know I’m rubbish with my words & I’m awful at actually reviewing things so I’ll try not to do too much waffling, but it’s too good not to vomit some words up. I’ve tried to push down the spoiler so when this pops up on Facebook you can’t read any spoilers. So here’s just some words to make sure no spoilers can be seen in the preview. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Hawkins is back! It’s got a shiny new mall, a Russian terminator and a resident Mind-Flayer. Please for the love of god watch through the credits!!!

Let’s start with wondering where those cute nerdy kids have gone and why are they now pubescent horny teenagers!? I relate to Will 100% this season, all your friends have grown out of the nerd shit you do together and just wanna play tonsil tennis with their new partners, sad cry. I cannot get over how hecking talented these kids are, each and everyone of them are so good at the characters they portray.

Also shout out to the sound department, another cracking sound track, as always.

Episode one sees the gang reunited and a lot of tonsil tennis between Mike & Elle, much to Hoppers dismay. You could rename the series the Mike and Elle show as they bounce back and force between snogging and breaking up. I love seeing Hoppers transition to this sensible protective dad (aside from him coming home drunk after Joyce stood him up), it makes my heart warm. He’s a good guy our Hopper. It turns out the Russian government have infiltrated Hawkins and are trying to re open the gate. I believe a little nod to the film Red Dawn by the Duffer brothers there.

Dustin returns from science camp with a mysterious new “girlfriend”, yo she is real, in which he builds an antenna to communicate with via Ham Radio, however a few hours in he can’t get her but instead intercepts a mysterious Russian broadcast. Of course Dustin decides daddy Steve is the best person to go to with this information, luckily his co-captain at scoops ahoy can speak Russian & helps figure out the message. Then it gets good! They chose to include Erica (you can’t spell America without Erica). If you didn’t already know, Erica is Lucas’s annoying younger sister who is bad ass in every way this season. Luckily as she’s younger and smaller she’s perfect for their plan. The dirty Russians involvement in reopening the gate adds a multidimensional level giving the gang bilingual puzzles to solve & ultimately becoming trapped in a Russian lift.

Each group seems to be on their own mission, with Dustin, papa Steve, Robin & bad ass Erica on the tail of the Russians (I love that Erica has a proper part this season!!). Hopper & Joyce on the trail on the “key” & the kids and Elle on the trail of finding the mind-flayer (but it found them.). Emotional parts like the act Elle lost her powers after removing the flayer slug will have you worrying for Elle.

Ohhhh but Billy. There was a bit of foreshadowing in one of the posters for season 3, seeing Billy standing under one of the mind-flayer legs and in a darker part. I think we all knew bad boy Billy was going to have a dark and important part in this season, however i find it so hard to sympathise with him being controlled, it just suited his character. He’s still sexy even as a flayer, I am not complaining about his sweat glistening arms at all.. I was kinda hoping in the scene where the flayers were standing in the bunker we might get a glimpse of Barb. I know she’s long gone but it just seems like a lost opportunity! Billy being corrupted is ultimately sexy and he plays the part fecking brilliantly. I love love love him being the main baddy. It was nice to have a glimpse into his past, with Elle accessing his childhood memories and unlocking his abusive father played a huge role in why he’s a dickhead today. My heart broke on the last episode, corrupt Billy leaning over a bruised and battered Elle whilst she told him what she saw in his past through the tears. Billy standing up tears in his eyes sacrificing himself to the mind-flayer to save the kids is a scene not to be taken lightly, the guys a fucking hero. I sobbed my fecking heart out, such a hateful character did something so beautiful in that moment. RIP Billy.

I’ve left the saddest part until the end because I’m still crying as I type this. Fucking Joyce looking into Hoppers eyes as he nods at her to pull the leaver and blow up the key. Knowing that it will kill Hopper aswell. You know what Duffer Brothers, you can suck my balls. How an you take this man away from us and leave Elle without a father figure? Has the girl not suffered enough!! Have we not suffered enough? Honestly this last episode has ruined my life. Although Will running to Joyce at the end gave me happy heart feels, Elle walking aimlessly looking for Hopper broke me back down into a thousand pieces.

The Byers packing up to move from Hawkins and taking Elle with them is also a fucking emotional twist. I don’t want them to leave 😭 how can you rip Melevn apart! Joyce finds a letter in Hoppers uniform that he had written for Elle, the voice over was emotional. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US?

HOWEVER. The post credit scene hints at Hopper being alive…. two Russian soldier bring in a prisoner to a cage…. but says the words “no not the American” when pointing to one of the cells. Does this hinting that the vaginal-portal has an entrance in Hawkins and Russia, and instead of Hopper blowing up did he end up porting to Russia and then being taken prisoner? Is there gonna be another season? PLZ. If Hopper is dead, what was the meaning of this credit scene? Except to show us that of curse, there is a Demogorgan still very much alive.

Until then, let’s mourn. To our brave hero cop. Jim Hopper.❤️

This season seems a lot more paced and well organised compared to last season. Everyone knows what they need to do and there’s nothing that gets past them, (I mean Steve and the horse at the mall?!).

A lot of frightening scares but a much funnier and overall emotional season this time round. Quirky jokes with the kids coming into themselves and learning about the hardships of the opposite sex. Sorry guys relationships just get harder from here. The depression deaths of some of our most loved.

Also a lot of gore this season, from exploding rats to cutting Elle’s leg open and sticking her fingers in to remove the flayer. In my opinion, it doesn’t start getting super intense until episode 6, that’s where everything starts making sense. Prepare to have laughs, heartache, tears and warm hearts from this season. Flash backs of our hero Bob will be make you sob. Episode 8 is a fucking tear jerker and you won’t change my mind.

I honestly was doubting this season for the first few episodes. I didn’t feel that connected but after finishing it all, holy fuck. An amazing season. I am so so so so glad I binged it all, however, my damn heart hurts so much that I waited soooo long for it and just like that it’s over. Will there be another season?


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