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30 Day Film Challenge

Recently, three of our admin team (Starshiptrooper, Lucy, and Baloo) decided to do the 30-day film challenge. It involves answering a different question about our favourite films every day for 30 days. In our case, we did the whole thing in one go, because we like a real challenge. So, without further ado, here follows... Continue Reading →

A Simple Favor

A Simple Favor is based on the book of the same name by Darcey Bell. It follows the story of Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), the awkward widowed mother of Miles and her unlikely best friend, Emily (Blake Lively), the sophisticated and blunt mother of Nicky. They find friendship through their sons who attend the same school... Continue Reading →

Over to you!

We'd like to hear from the people, what do you guys wanna see us review next? Anything from games, films, books, places. Comment down below what you see next ❤️ I'd also like to mention there are opportunities for you to contribute something to the blog coming in the future. So get your thinking caps... Continue Reading →

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Ever since I was a kid I've always loved ancient mythologies, particularly Egyptian and Greek, but my favourite has always been Norse. Stories of Thor and Odin, of the Nine Realms connected by Yggdrasil, of giants, dwarves and elves. I've often eagerly searched for sources to learn more, but most media outlets these days only... Continue Reading →

The Snowman 2017

Hello friends! So this is part of a 'random review of the month!' i'll be posting (hopefully monthly?!). Disclaimer: I try to avoid as many spoilers as i possibly can, but this may contain some spoilers or some language and graphic details some people may find offensive.  My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this film... Continue Reading →

The First Official Blog Post

Hello Friends! Welcome to The Nerd's Watch official blog! This fantastic little blog was created by our very own, Starshiptrooper! So kudos to her for her hardwork and tech smarts 😛 This will be where we review a variety of our interests and it'll be from the newest releases to classic films, games etc we... Continue Reading →

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