Horror Movie Showdown!

Hullo friends! Incase you don't know me, I'm a HUGE horror movie fan. Anything from badly made 70s horror all the way up to modern day. (Although the older the better.) If it's movie night and down to me to choose, you can guarantee I'll pick a horror. So I thought I'd do a post... Continue Reading →

Star Wars – Fixing The Saga

NOTE: I have updated this post since The Rise of Skywalker was released, and there have been some changes to what I had previously written. For those of you who have already read through, you may want to revisit the whole thing just in case there's something new! A long time ago in a galaxy... Continue Reading →

Halloween! 🎃

I've always loved Halloween because I relate to being miserable & all things dead... but I never really do anything too exciting for it. This year I gave it a really big effort for dressing up. So I wanna share my costume! Say hello to female Pennywise. How did I do?! Starship x

30 Day Film Challenge

Recently, three of our admin team (Starshiptrooper, Lucy, and Baloo) decided to do the 30-day film challenge. It involves answering a different question about our favourite films every day for 30 days. In our case, we did the whole thing in one go, because we like a real challenge. So, without further ado, here follows... Continue Reading →

A Simple Favor

A Simple Favor is based on the book of the same name by Darcey Bell. It follows the story of Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), the awkward widowed mother of Miles and her unlikely best friend, Emily (Blake Lively), the sophisticated and blunt mother of Nicky. They find friendship through their sons who attend the same school... Continue Reading →

Deadpool 2

I watched Deadpool 2 on Wednesday for the first time - I was abroad when it was released in cinemas. Here follows my review. WARNING - SPOILERS AHEAD. I had heard mixed reviews going into it. Some people loved it, others didn't. I kept an open mind. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Deadpool film, but... Continue Reading →

The Snowman 2017

Hello friends! So this is part of a 'random review of the month!' i'll be posting (hopefully monthly?!). Disclaimer: I try to avoid as many spoilers as i possibly can, but this may contain some spoilers or some language and graphic details some people may find offensive.  My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this film... Continue Reading →

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