YOU – an opinion.

Things I learnt from watching this: Always buy fecking curtains. Anyway, this article contains spoilers, approach with caution! The Netflix series YOU, follows the story of an attractive book store clerk & a pretty ambitious writer (who really... isn't that ambitious?). This is also a book, which the series is based on. I've just finished... Continue Reading →

TWD review: who are we now? Spoilers!

Hello friends, This blog post contains content some people may find disturbing, it also contains spoilers. You have been advised. I'd like to say I'm feeling better but I'm still reeling from last weeks emotions. However I was requested to do another review for this weeks episode. I'm looking at you Miss Scott!. Forewarnings, expect... Continue Reading →

Lego build r2d2

Hello friends, I was live streaming the build but I worked out 1: I'm awful on camera 2: I'm awkward when I know I'm being filmed 3: being stressed doesn't make good filming. Turns our hours of watching you tubers does not teach you how to vlog?! So a large chunk of bag three is... Continue Reading →

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