Halloween! 🎃

I've always loved Halloween because I relate to being miserable & all things dead... but I never really do anything too exciting for it. This year I gave it a really big effort for dressing up. So I wanna share my costume! Say hello to female Pennywise. How did I do?! Starship x

Lego build r2d2

Hello friends, I was live streaming the build but I worked out 1: I'm awful on camera 2: I'm awkward when I know I'm being filmed 3: being stressed doesn't make good filming. Turns our hours of watching you tubers does not teach you how to vlog?! So a large chunk of bag three is... Continue Reading →

Over to you!

We'd like to hear from the people, what do you guys wanna see us review next? Anything from games, films, books, places. Comment down below what you see next ❤️ I'd also like to mention there are opportunities for you to contribute something to the blog coming in the future. So get your thinking caps... Continue Reading →

The First Official Blog Post

Hello Friends! Welcome to The Nerd's Watch official blog! This fantastic little blog was created by our very own, Starshiptrooper! So kudos to her for her hardwork and tech smarts 😛 This will be where we review a variety of our interests and it'll be from the newest releases to classic films, games etc we... Continue Reading →

And so it begins…

Hello Friends! We've been busy little beavers with our real lives (or in my case burning hours away on dragon age...) as of late but we wanted to remind you guys that we are still busy in the background working on the server. One of those things in planning and discussion is this little baby...ta-da!... Continue Reading →

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