TWD review: who are we now? Spoilers!

Hello friends, This blog post contains content some people may find disturbing, it also contains spoilers. You have been advised. I'd like to say I'm feeling better but I'm still reeling from last weeks emotions. However I was requested to do another review for this weeks episode. I'm looking at you Miss Scott!. Forewarnings, expect... Continue Reading →

Star Wars – Fixing The Saga

NOTE: I have updated this post since The Rise of Skywalker was released, and there have been some changes to what I had previously written. For those of you who have already read through, you may want to revisit the whole thing just in case there's something new! A long time ago in a galaxy... Continue Reading →

Halloween! 🎃

I've always loved Halloween because I relate to being miserable & all things dead... but I never really do anything too exciting for it. This year I gave it a really big effort for dressing up. So I wanna share my costume! Say hello to female Pennywise. How did I do?! Starship x

The fun continues..

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Lego build r2d2

Hello friends, I was live streaming the build but I worked out 1: I'm awful on camera 2: I'm awkward when I know I'm being filmed 3: being stressed doesn't make good filming. Turns our hours of watching you tubers does not teach you how to vlog?! So a large chunk of bag three is... Continue Reading →

30 Day Film Challenge

Recently, three of our admin team (Starshiptrooper, Lucy, and Baloo) decided to do the 30-day film challenge. It involves answering a different question about our favourite films every day for 30 days. In our case, we did the whole thing in one go, because we like a real challenge. So, without further ado, here follows... Continue Reading →

A Simple Favor

A Simple Favor is based on the book of the same name by Darcey Bell. It follows the story of Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), the awkward widowed mother of Miles and her unlikely best friend, Emily (Blake Lively), the sophisticated and blunt mother of Nicky. They find friendship through their sons who attend the same school... Continue Reading →

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