Deadpool 2

I watched Deadpool 2 on Wednesday for the first time - I was abroad when it was released in cinemas. Here follows my review. WARNING - SPOILERS AHEAD. I had heard mixed reviews going into it. Some people loved it, others didn't. I kept an open mind. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Deadpool film, but... Continue Reading →


R2D2 Collection…

Hey friends, So i wanted to do an overall run down of all my r2d2 items but i realised i had so many and i didn't have the time, patience or well motivation to do it. So what i did do, is spend 3 hours taking photos and uploading them here with a little caption... Continue Reading →


Yup! You heard it here folks. We now have a little online store selling a few neat products. 😱 Buy cool shit here!!!! Any profits made from the selling of these items goes straight back into the community helping us develop the blog and discord group further. Talking of which, have you joined us yet?... Continue Reading →

The Hogwarts update…

Hello friends. A quick little update on my mother's Hogwarts build. Has my mum risen from a pile of Lego bricks in the last week?! Who knows, but she made it to the second part of the build. Here's where she's at so far, that's 27 bags of Lego down & up to book 3.... Continue Reading →

Over to you!

We'd like to hear from the people, what do you guys wanna see us review next? Anything from games, films, books, places. Comment down below what you see next ❤️ I'd also like to mention there are opportunities for you to contribute something to the blog coming in the future. So get your thinking caps... Continue Reading →

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Ever since I was a kid I've always loved ancient mythologies, particularly Egyptian and Greek, but my favourite has always been Norse. Stories of Thor and Odin, of the Nine Realms connected by Yggdrasil, of giants, dwarves and elves. I've often eagerly searched for sources to learn more, but most media outlets these days only... Continue Reading →

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